National Madison Championships

In partnership with British Cycling and Velospeed Coaching

Fri 22 Sep

Location: Derby Arena

Tickets: £13

Standing Event

About the event

The Madison evening will consist of the National Women’s and Men’s Championship raced over 120 and 200 laps respectively.

Madison racing is a thrilling event, where two riders hand sling each other into the race at high speeds. The racing consisting of sprints every 10 laps where riders will compete for points, 1st-5 points, 2nd -3 points, 3rd -2 points and 4th -1 point. Riders will also be looking to gain laps, these are worth 20 points per lap gained.

Dates & Tickets

National Madison Championships

Fri 22 Sep 2023, 7pm


Prices & Offers


Concessions: £11

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